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The Ability To Improve Eyesight Has Been Possible For Many Years

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Q. Why are so many people skeptical about the possibility of improving vision naturally?

A. Many people stop themselves from trying out this natural vision program because they are skeptical.

Reality? Improving eyesight has been around already for thousand of years. The Egyptians, the Chinese and the Romans had their own ways for improving eyesight -and yet, most people think this is something new.

Most of you have probably heard of Dr. William Bates (of the 1900’s) and his Bates Method for eye exercises and eye improvement, which still has many adherents.

Eyesight training, (practiced by optometrists) started in earnest during World War II. A Dr. Samuel Renshaw was hired by the U.S. Armed Forces to train the vision of pilots.

The reason the Armed Forces were interested in vision improvement was because they wanted to improve the pilots’ ability to recognize – and this needed to ben recognized in a split second (even a fraction of a second) – if the plane they spotted in the sky was friend or foe.

Dr. Renshaw’s vision improvement training was very successful. He was (officially) recognized and credited with saving as many as thousands of lives. The Navy honored him for his work.

So, why is vision improvement training still treated as “weird” or out of the “norm”, or even as not possible?

More than 50% of the USA population need glasses, the other 50% think that this is perfectly normal.

Well, it is NOT normal, it does not need to be this way. Check out

The Cambridge Institute for Better Vision

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