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Want Better Vision? YES You Can. How To Improve Your Vision

After nearly 30 years teaching vision improvement, Martin Sussman is certain that it is possible to improve your vision and see better without glasses and contacts. He has seen it with his eyes.

On the other hand, he has seen many that have stopped themselves from learning how to have better vision naturally.

Why did they do that?Because they still have that old mindset that says improving vision is impossible. They believe that exercising all other muscles in the body helps improve those muscles, but for some reason they stop short of believing it can happen with the eyes.

Think about this: Fifty years ago, there was no proof that smoking was bad for you. And,30 years ago, there was no proof regular exercise was good for you. Today, even though we don’t always exercise, we know it’s good for us. And, even though many keep smoking, they know it is bad for them.

So I wonder what it is going to take for people to actually try to get into eye exercises, and improve their eyesight!

Did you know that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of studies in optometric journals that show that visual acuity can be improved? Yes, and visual functioning can be enhanced. And, it is possible that glasses and contacts can be reduced in strength (even when they are not totally eliminated)?

So, here are two examples for you:

Before Martin Sussman created The Program for Better Vision, he also conducted a test. He gathered 25 people and had an eye doctor measure their vision. Then he asked each of them to follow the same system that’s in The Program for Better Vision and eight weeks later the same eye doctor tested their eyes again. Every single one needed a weaker pair of glasses. And that was in spite of the fact that many of the people had years and years – even decades – of poor vision.

Think about this: What is REALLY true is that there is absolutely no scientific proof that a person cannot improve his or her vision through natural means.

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