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The Program For Better Vision-Come And Check It Out

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Better Vision

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The Program for Better Vision® The Total Mind/Body Approach for Nearsightedness, Astigmatism and Eye Imbalances, with Martin Sussman

The Program for Better Vision is the world’s #1 best selling course for good reason: It works like none other! The Program combines eye exercises, muscle-control techniques, brain/eye coordination, perceptual training and body, mind and eye relaxation into one easy-to-use method.

FAQS Answered On The Website, come on over an read them!

Can I use The Program for Better Vision if…I’m nearsighted or farsighted? I have middle-aged sight? I have astigmatism? I’m sensitive to light? I suffer from eyestrain? I’m young? I’m old?

My doctor says eye exercises don’t work. What should I do?

Is The Program for Better Vision for medical problems?

How do I use The Program for Better Vision?

How do I use my glasses or contacts while on The Program?

What results can I expect?

Who created The Program for Better Vision?

Sometimes, when a person’s vision improves, the shape of the eye changes. Sometimes it is because the lens becomes more flexible and can adjust more easily to focus at different distances. And other times, there are other factors at play in the improvement.

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The best she’s seen:

Passes driver’s test in only five weeks:

73 years young and seeing better:

Passes driver’s test, reads without glasses:

Distance vision is better now:

Trifocals are weaker by more than 50%:

Coke-bottle glasses almost completely gone:

Astigmatism disappears, nearsightedness improves:

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