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Your Eyesight Is Precious, And, Your body knows it

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I am a very proud affiliate of the Better Vision Program.  It is a program I deeply believe in and I share it with my readers because of my commitment to a healthier, better reader.  I myself am an active doer of natural eye improvement.  I have had great results.

I received the following email, and I would like to share it with you, word for word,  Regards, Ruth

Your Eyesight Is Precious, And, Your body knows it:

** 90% of what we learn about the world comes to us through our eyes.

** 1/4 of all the nutrition we take in goes to feed our visual system.

** 1/3 of the oxygen we take in goes to our visual system.

** The eyes have a higher concentration of vitamin C, zinc and lutein than almost any other part of the body.

The Miracle of Sight, You know it:

** For centuries, the eyes have been called the windows to the soul.

** When you want to connect to another person, you look in their eyes (not their ears or nose!).

** On the darker side, polls reveal that more people fear blindness than getting cancer.

** The eye is capable of seeing the light of a candle 16 miles away, under ideal conditions.

The Joy of Seeing

What can be more moving and inspiring than, for example:

** Seeing a beautiful sunset or rainbow in the sky.

** Seeing the loving eyes of a child, spouse, friend.

** Looking out at the world with wonder and awe for what you see.

** Letting yourself be looked at with eyes of love, acceptance, admiration or respect.

The Holidays that are celebrated around this time of year are about light, whatever their particular tradition.

Without light, there is no sight.

I wish you the clearest, sharpest and healthiest vision that you can possibly have, on every level!

All the best in sight,
Martin Sussman
Cambridge Institute for Better Vision

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