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Vision Training at the 2012 Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl is not the only sports using “eye exercises” to help improve tracking ability in it’s players.  And, outside of sports, it was also used for the pilots in WW11, for tracking and spotting their enemies in the air..

Did you see the Pro Bowl on NBC last Sunday? Were you quite impressed watching Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals put the NFC up 14-0 by scoring the first two touchdowns of the game?

Did you hear the announcer raving about Fitzgerald’s great ability to “track the ball in the air”?

Larry credits much of his success to the vision training that he did when he was a teenager.

Sports vision training has been a well-kept secret, even though its been used for decades to improve athletic performance.

Whether you want to sharpen your sight, improve your peripheral awareness, judge depth and distance better, track moving objects with more precision, and much, much more, vision training can be the answer.

I’m glad to see that vision training has made it to the 2012 Pro Bowl!

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