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Are your eyes sensitive to sunlight? Does Sun Bother Your Eyes?

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Does the Sun Get To Your Eyes?

Are your eyes sensitive to sunlight? Does it bother your eyes to be out in the sun?

In contrast to what you, or most people believe, this sensitivity may not be because the sun is too bright, but it is likely because your eyes are starving for natural light. This could be happening if you spend most of “sun hours” inside, away from natural light.

Spend a day in a cave, and your eyes would hurt when you come out into the sunlight. Sure, this is an extreme example, but it does point out to you what maybe happening with your eyes.

Think About This:

Here is a scientific fact (I didn’t know this, but it’s interesting). The intensity of light is measured in lux. Sunlight on an average day can range between 32,000100,000 lux.

The average family type room has 50 lux of light, or, a brightly lit office will have about 400 lux.

When you see very little sunlight, your eyes literally get starved for it. Your eyes will get used to the low light levels of artificial light.

Sunlight is actually a nutrient.

The only way to give relief to your suns sensitive eyes is to get them re-accustomed to what they need- regular, natural sunlight.

Following I will share with you, from The Program for Better Vision a quick exercise that will only take you a couple of minutes, but it will strengthen your eyes, and also make them less sunlight sensitive.

The Sun Cycle

The Sun Cycle will nourish and rest your eyes and help reduce your sensitivity to light.

(excerpted from The Program for Better Vision)


1. Close your eyes and face toward the sun. (If you cannot face the sun with your eyes closed without squinting or tightening your facial muscles, then begin the Sun Cycle by facing slightly away from the sun so that your face and closed eyes can relax. Then, as you become more accustomed to the light, gradually turn closer and closer towards the sun.)

2. Let the sunlight fall on your closed eyes for five seconds.

3. Place your cupped palms over your closed eyes, shutting out all light for five more seconds, then take your hands away, keeping your eyes closed.

4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 ten to twenty times, for a total of three to five minutes.

The Sun Cycle helps to nourish your visual system, exercise the focusing muscles of the eyes and reduce sensitivity to light and glare.

Practice the Sun Cycle regularly. Most people experience a decrease in sensitivity within twenty to thirty days.


To get the light nourishment that your eyes and body need, spend at least 30 minutes a day outdoors – without glasses or contacts – so that your visual system can receive unfiltered sunlight. Any glass – window glass, car windshield, eyeglasses or contacts – filters part of the full spectrum of light and reduces the beneficial effect that sunlight has on your eyes and body.

We recommend sunglasses only in situations of glare or reflected light (the beach or ski slopes).

Your eyes most fully rest in total darkness. The best way to rest your eyes is to close them and place your cupped palms over your closed eyes. You can palm for as little as 30 – 40 seconds any time that your eyes feel tired or strained. While palming, it is also helpful to visualize a pleasant scene in your mind’s eye.

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