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Everything For Your Eyes Half Price Better Vision

I received this email and wanted to share it with you 🙂

I do this only once a year – open up the Better Vision store to anything you want for your eyes – you decide – and it’s yours at half price.

Any vision supplements or vision programs or audio lectures you want for your eyes…

HALF-PRICE For 10 Days Only
Good Until Monday, August 23

There’s only one way you can claim your half price savings:

Enter Discount Code HALF-PRICE when you check out

There’s only one exception: Automatic delivery programs for EYEMAX-plus and other supplements, because they’re already half price.

This once-a-year special is my way of letting you know that I don’t want money to stand between you and better vision.

Your eyes are too precious for that.

Click now to see everything for your eyes.

I hope you enjoy shopping for your vision as much as I like to see you save!

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