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Going To Bed With Your Eyes-Beat Insomnia

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An often asked question is, “My eyes are getting worse, and I am having trouble sleeping.  Is lack of sleep connected to bad vision?”
Sleep is extremely necessary for both mental and physical health.  Preparing for sleep is a huge topic of discussion and writings.  One tip is that we need to start winding down a half hour before we go to sleep.  We drink all kinds of natural teas, stop watching exciting tv shows / movies. These tips probably will help us to get ready for sleep.

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omega 3 eye vitaminsAnd then, there is a matter of how do we relax our eyes before sleeping.  Reading in bed is a habit many people indulge in.  And, that is actually not a bad idea, as long as we do not “read till we drop to sleep.”  Think about it, what happens if we read till we drop to sleep.  We are tired, and we are forcing not only our eyes, but our body and our mind to stay active.  This involves muscle tension, including our eye muscles.  We don’t want to read so long that our eyes get totally stressed.  Instead, put the book away, turn the TV off, and relax your eyes before you fall asleep.

And, as our previous posts state, make sure when you are reading, you look away every ten minutes or so to give your eyes a break.  When the lights are out, do palm your eyes.  That means, gently warm the palm of your hands (either breathe on them, or warm them by putting them under the blanket…) And then, put the warm palms over your eyes, NOT ON your eyes, but just cup the eyes.  And, when you are doing this, think pleasant thoughts.  It is important to think of some scenes that are far away, so you don’t turn your eye muscles inward.    The other important thing is to be comfortable while palming and relaxing.

And, let’s see if this simple preparation will help you to sleep calm and peacefully.

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