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Relax Your Eyes The Quick And Easy To Do Way

Another Technique From Program for Better VisionĀ® How You Can Relax Your Eyes

Learning to relax your eyes is very important. The stress of life, the stress of straining your eyes while looking at computer / video screens, even the stress of the environment can cause many vision/ even body symptoms. Such as blurry vision, dry eyes.

Become aware of the sometimes subtle tensions that you have in your eyes and in your body – from head to toe. If you can manage your stress, and tension, you can manage your eyes, your body.

eye palmingHere is a technique that is great for your mind, and also your eyes. It only takes seconds, and can be done pretty well anytime. Do your eyes strain at the computer? Try Palming.


Palming is used for relaxing tired and stressed / strained eyes. It will help restore peace not only for your eyes, but also for your mind.

Sit Down For Palming
Take a few deep breaths, and do as often as you need.

How to Palm

1. Heat your palms, either by rubbing together, or by holding your palms over a hot drink. *make sure they are not too hot though

2. Then, form your warmed hands into Cups and place them over your closed eyes. Make sure you are relaxed, even your eyes and brows should be relaxed.. It helps, I use this myself all the time.


The fingers should be resting on the forehead, your palms around your eyes. Do NOT touch your eyes, or lids while doing this.

You may see some light flashes, and color flashes, this means you are starting the relaxing journey.

When you see darkness, that shows you are relaxing. Try it even when you are getting a headache.

For more than 30 years, the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision has been the world’s leading provider of safe and effective natural eye care solutions. Martin Sussman is president and founder.

Photo of someone “palming”, from Perfect Sight Without Glasses, the magazine of Dr Bates, the foreunner of naturally improving vision.

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