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What Is Astigmatism? Can You Fix It?

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We often take  our eyesight for granted.  Even though “seeing” is very easy.  Focusing (for most of us) comes totally natural.  And yet, seeing, vision is one of the most complex processes of our body. Not everyone has 20/20 vision, and yet, we still have the gift of sight. And, as we age, unfortunately, so does our vision.

And, one of the most common eye problem is a condition known as astigmatism. This eye condition happens in the cornea / lens and the lens has stretched or even formed into irregular shapes. So rather than the cornea being round, a cornea with astigmatism may be oblong.
When this happens, the light does not properly hit right and, the oblong, instead of round shape causes a refractive error. Because of this, you may have blurry vision, or close and near vision problems.

Your eye doctor will catch this when you go for your regular (which you do need to do) eye examinations.
Astigmatism is part of a group of eye problems belonging to refractive errors. These are include myopia, or short-sightedness and also hypermetropia, which we know as long-sightedness.

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