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Your Aging Eye, Vision Changes At 40+

better visionAs we age our bodies start to change, and that includes our eyes, our vision. When we get to 40+ there are changes to our vision, to the way we see. Why does our vision change, and, can we actually prevent aging symptoms, and can these aging symptoms be delayed?

Not all symptoms of aging mean that these symptoms are because of a serious eye condition. Presbyopia, affects people over 40 and it is a decrease in your ability to focus on near objects.   This is why, when you are reading something, you end up holding your reading material at arms length. We often see that in restuarants when those with presbyopia read their menu from arm’s length.  Cataracts is another condition, however, these days it has become so treatable that it no longer needs to remain a problem.   However, both glaucoma and age related macular generation can cause you to lose partial, or total vision.

There are certain nutrients and eye vitamins and eye exercises, and eye tips that you can use to help you to manage aging vision, even age related macular degeneration and glaucoma and cataracts.
Of course, eye problems and eye diseases caused from physical condtions such as diabetes may not be able to be helped, exept perhaps by controlling your diabetes!

Dry eyes is a problem of aging, but, there are many ways to avoid this eye problem, or to manage it.  Eye drops and omega 3 fish oil are two ways to help with dry eyes.

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