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Improve Vision With Eye Relaxation Tips

computer eye strain

Your eyes work as hard as you, they actually have to work all day.  And, they don’t rest until you sleep, and even then, they can be quite active in REM sleep mode. Actually, the eyes work harder than any of our other muscles.
These modern days we are on the computer / mobile phone / ipads for long periods of time, and often we stare at the screen without blinking.  When you stare, and stop blinking, that can cause nausea, dry eyes, headaches, and more. On top of it, how is the lighting while you are working on the computer? This is another reason for eye stress, and fatigue.

It is always important that in this age of technology you remember your eyes, and be proactive in their care.  Learn the ways that you can actually relax your eyes any time, and any place.

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Here are A Few Easy Methods To Relax Your Eyes!
If you do spend long periods in front of a screen you need to take breaks.  I know, it sounds so easy, but, you really do need to do this.

If you can, get up and away from the screen and either step outside, or look out a window at nature, using nature’s own daylight.  Also, scan the whole area outside, look far and near, and left and right.  Check out the whole vista.  Doesn’t have to be long, but you really need to do this.

And, as you are working on your computer, or any screen, look away from the screen every 10 minutes, look at something 10 feet away, for 10 seconds, it’s called the 10-10-10 rule.
Always take time to blink.  Don’t stare and stop blinking.
There is a reason you blink naturally, it is necessary for your eye health!

And Also Focus
Here is a simple exercise to do.
Look at any object, it can even be your finger, about 6 inches away from your eyes. Gaze at this object for about 3 seconds, and then,  look at another object about 10 or so feet from you also for about 3 seconds.  Gaze at this object for about 3 seconds and then, switch to look at your close object again.  Do this about 10 times.  It helps you to exercise your eye muscles.  Kind of like eye yoga.

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