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The Total Approach Of The Program for Better Vision

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The Program For Better Vision Really Works.  And People, It Really Is More Than Meets The Eye 🙂

The problems and conditions of your vision may not necessarily be in the eyes.

It isn’t really relevant whether you have trouble with distance vision or even if you have astigmatism or if you have eye imbalances…

Whatever your own specific vision problems / issues are, the decades of experience of The Better Vision Institute means that you can call on the full healing power of your mind, body and emotions to get improvement.   And yes, all those different facets are involved in your being able to see better.

That’s what makes the Program for Better Vision so popular – and so effective:
It’s more than only eye exercises.
There are 6 different Vision Sessions in the Program. Three of them are more on the eye exercise side.
The other three work on powering the subconscious, releasing inner barriers, and developing a strong and clear inner vision.

You do these three with your eyes closed, sitting comfortably, letting my voice on the CD or mp3 guide you and your Mind’s Eye.

The Triangle of Vision
When you open up your Program for Better Vision and start studying the program, you’ll find out what is meant by the phrase “Triangle of Vision.”
The triangle of vision will be fully explained to you – mind, body and emotions – they all work together to sharpen both your inner vision and your outer sight.



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