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Do Your Eyes Get Bothered By Sunlight? It May NOT Be What You Think

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Do you have Sun Sensitive Eyes? Do your eyes bother you in the strong sunlight?

Unlike what many people think, this sensitivity may not be because the sun is too bright. It’s could likely be because your eyes are actually starving for natural sunlight.

If you would spend a lot of time in a dark cave, when you come out into sunlight, your eyes would hurt. I know this sounds extreme, but it does show you how your eyes respond to sunlight.

Think about this:

Scientific:  The intensity of light is measured in lux. Sunlight on an average day can range between 32,000 – 100,000 lux.

On the other hand, a typical family room has about 50 lux of light, while a brightly lit office has about 400 lux.

When you don’t get out enough, or look out into the natural sunlight enough, but spend too much time in artificial light, your eyes become starved for real light. They get accustomed to low level artificial light.

Did you know that Sunlight is a nutrient just like vitamins, minerals, food and water. The fact is that many of us spend most of our day in artificial light,  This has far-reaching consequences for our vision – and even our overall health.

Sunglasses are not the answer, although they are necessary. Neither are those transition lenses you may have seen advertised. They just perpetuate the problem.

The only way to truly relieve your eyes of sensitivity to light is by getting them re-accustomed to what they have always needed – regular exposure to sunlight.




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