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ASTIGMATISM, The Eye To Body Connection

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Do you remember the song, “The Thigh Bone is Connected to the Hip Bone” and so on.  Well, in that whole scenario, they forgot all abour our eyes!

It’s an old song that connects all of our bones, one to the other.

Well, they did forgot about our eyes!

Because, all the muscle groups in our body affects another. Therefore, if you have stress, or tension, even misalignment  of one group it affects the other groups also.  This forces all the different muscles groups to actually over-compensate.

This also affects astigmatism.

One cause of astigmatism is because of the unbalanced pull on our eyes due to the the extra ocular muscles.  These are muscles that move our eyes in all the different directions.

Dr. Richard Kavner said in his book, Total Vision, “if the posture is tilted the eyes will attempt to compensate, straining some muscles and relaxing others.”

ASTIGMATISM Is Just Another Myth

It was once said that astigmatism is inherited.  This has turned out to be just another vision myth.

Dr. Samuel Berne, an eye doctor, wrote in his book, “Creating Your Personal Vision,” that “Astigmatism can be due to a twisting of the spine, pelvis or neck. In terms of body posture, there is a tightness or restriction in the musculature.”

According To The Experience Of Martin Sussman, President & Founder
Cambridge Institute for Better Vision

“I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve worked with who have gone back to their eye doctors – and their astigmatism is gone, changed or greatly reduced. It doesn’t surprise me, but it certainly surprises their eye doctors!.”

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