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Eye Vitamins, Vitamin C And Eyesight

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There is a ton of research that has proven the benefits of Vitamin C for your eyes and your body.Vitamin C is a very powerful anti-oxidant, and we have all heard how important these are; it is proven to reduce your risk of cataracts, of Age Related Macular Degeneration, of glaucoma and many eye problems.

The antioxidant qualities of vitamin C help prevent the crystallization and accumulation of foreign molecules that result in the blurred vision of cataracts.

There are also eye doctors that believe that Vitamin C will also help with nearsightedness.  Vitamin C is a necessary element in maintaining the structural integrity of the eyeball.

Our eyes, and vision can deteriorate when we have a vitamin C deficiency.One indication as to how important vitamin C is to eyesight:   There is a concentration of vitamin C in our vitreous humour this is the clear liquid part in the eyeball. It is about 25 times the level in our blood, and the concentration in the retina is about 100 times the level in our blood.

As a matter of fact, the eyes contain the highest concentration of vitamin C than any other part of the body.

To get the most absorption from vitamins C, it works best in a complete formula.The synergistic (all parts working together) effect of vitamins and minerals working together increases the impact of each.

For example vitamin E is recycled by vitamin C, so you may need less vitamin E when taken with C.

This is just one example why you would need a balanced vision formula.

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