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Your Eyes Need Rest, Sunlight, Exercise And Nutrition

better vision1. Vision Tip of the Month: Nourish and Rest Your Eyes.

Your eyes see the best in natural light.  Did you know that sunlight is actually a nutrient for your eyes and your body just the same as food and water. The fact that we spend almost all day long under artificial light has many consequences for our eyes, our vision.

For you to get the right sunlight nourishment for your eyes and body you need to spend 20 to 30 minutes per day outside – and that has to be without your glasses or your contacts.  This will allow your visual system to receive unfiltered sunlight.  Any kind of glass, contact, or film filters part of the full spectrum of light, and reduces the beneficial effects of sunlight. (In situations of glare or reflected light, we recommend “neutral grey” sunglasses, which filter all parts of the light spectrum equally.)

Your eyes most fully rest in total darkness.

When you spend a lot of time outdoors, the following “The Sun Cycle” is a great way to rest and nourish your eyes!

1. Close your eyes, and look towards the sun (If it bother you, then face the sun at a slightly side view)

2. For 5 seconds allow the sun to fall and soothe your eyes.

3. Cup your palms over your closed eyes (but do not touch your eyelids), shut out all light for five more seconds.  Then remove your hands and still keep your eyes closed.

4. Do this, steps 1-3 about 10 to 20 times.

This Sun Cycle will help you to nourish your visual system, exercise the focusing muscles of your eyes and reduce your sensitivity to glare.

This vision tip is excerpted from The Program for Better Vision book.

2. The Read Without Glasses Method.  Do you have a hard time with up-close reading or close up work?  Do you use reading glasses now, or are you thinking of getting them?

The latest very unique exercise program, which was originated by the noted eye doctor, Dr. Ray Gottlieb, is a safe, and natural effective approach to manage your “middle-age sight,” or, also known medically as presbyopia.
The Read Without Glasses Method will show you how to sharpen your near vision without reading glasses, bifocals or the risk of surgery.

In as little as 6 minutes a day, you can:
Keep yourself from needing reading glasses;
See better up close without reading glasses;
See better in dim light;
Reduce the strength of your current prescription;
Avoid, eliminate or reduce the need for bifocals.

There is much much more to learn, so do check out all that is available for you at Better Vision Site!



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