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Here are some tips to brighten up your tired eyes

remedy against tired eyes

Use a Hydrating Eye Cream
The skin that is around your eyes is very thin and sensitive.  You need to keep it hydradet to reduce the wrinkles.  So use a moisturizing cream for your eyes both in the morning and at night.  This will help almost immediately. 

Cut Back on Salt
You know how your rings can feel very tight on your fingers right after you eat a meal with lots of salt?  Well, it can also make your eyes puffy. Puffiness happens with water retention.

Slices of Potato
I am sure you have heard of cucumbers on your eyes…  and yes, that works, and so does potato slices help diminish your dark circles!  Cut the potato into thin slcies, soak in cold water, and put on your closed eyes.  It is a great relief against sore tired eyes and dark circles.

Drink Enough Water To Keep Hydrated

Computer, Near Sight Stress, Tired Eyes
One of the biggest reasons for tired eyes is eye stress.  Eye stress comes from too much staring at computers, screens, iPones, iPads and videos. 

Use Natural Remedies and Solutions To Help You Manage Tired Eyes.

Read this about eye stress and what you can do to prevent and manage this:
Do you have the focus blues?  Or suffer from near point stress?


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