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A Missing Piece For Your Natural Vision Improvement

This is going to sound strange, but, your vision problems may not be due only because of your eyes.

This is even if you have trouble seeing distance, if you have astigmatism, or other eye imbalances…

eye exercises for better visionWhatever your vision issues are, you can call on the healing power: of your mind, your body and your emotions in order to experience improvement.

It is because of this that the Better Vision Program is so effective, so successful.

And yes, eye exercises is a big part, but it is not the only part.

There are 6 Vision Sessions in this Program. Three of these sessions have to do more with the eye exercise side.

The other 3 sessions work on using the subconscious power. On releasing the inner barriers, and also on developing strong, clear inner vision.

These are done with your eyes closed, while you are comfortably sitting and letting the CD or mp3 lead you.

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