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FAQS: For The Reading Without Glasses Program!

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Can I Benefit From This Reading Without Glasses Program?  Who Can Benefit? Everybody who would like to have clear, close vision.  If improve  reading visionyou want to sharpen your reading without using glasses or surgery. Whether you are just starting to have “near” vision issues, or if you already have this problem. This program is a very safe, and natural and effective method for reversing your “middle-age sight” or, by it’s medical term:  presbyopia.

Can everyone be helped, or are there exceptions? The Read Without Glasses Method can not be used by people with amblyopia, or lazy eye, or, if you only have one functioning eye, or if you have eye turning problems.  Nor if you have “low vision” problems.
If you have had certain surgeries, it may also not work. You can always ask….!

What if I have other problems seeing?  Then check out the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision.  They offer different solutions for different problems.

To check out everything they offer and to find help for your problem, click here

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