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The Program for Better Vision Vision – It’s More Than Meets The Eye

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The problem with your vision is not in your eyes alone.

It doesn’t matter if you have trouble seeing in the distance, have astigmatism, eye imbalances…improve eyesight

Whatever your particular vision issues may be, my decades of experience have shown that you have to call on the full healing power of your mind, body and emotions to get improvement.

That’s what makes the  Buy Better VisionProgram for Better Vision so popular – and so effective:

It’s more than only eye exercises.

There are 6 different Vision Sessions in the Program. Three of them are more on the eye exercise side.

The other theyesupplement-canvaree work on powering the subconscious, releasing inner barriers, and developing a strong and clear inner vision.

You do these three with your eyes closed, sitting comfortably, letting his voice on the CD or mp3 guide you and your Mind’s Eye.

The deepest parts of yourself will become more and more engaged – sharpening your inner focus, opening your eyes to new ways of seeing yourself and the world and broadening your awareness.

These changes can be so profound, that many people say they’re just as important as the changes they see in their eyesight, if not even more so!

The Triangle of Vision

When you open up your  Buy Better VisionProgram for Better Vision and start reading, you’ll find out more about what the Triangle of Vision.

It is fully explained how the three aspects of the triangle – mind, body and emotions – work together to sharpen your inner vision and outer sight.

If you’re like most people, what you’ll discover will open your mind to the possibilities, making you eager to get going!

Because every day that you take the little bit of time to focus on your vision brings more clarity, more sharpness, more focus – for both you, and your eyes!

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