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Dry Eye Causes And Dry Eye Treatment

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Omega 3 is known to be a “dry eye treatment” to help decrease Dry Eye Syndrome, often caused by staring too long at a computer eye supplementsscreen, or wearing contact lenses, even environmental conditions, such as smog, or pray tell, smoke.

Of course there are other ways to treat this, such as don’t be in a smoke filled environment, and look away from your computer screen every 15 minutes. Or don’t wear your contact lenses, but this is often not a choice people make.

Also, environmental conditions can cause your eyes to be inflamed, as can contact lenses.  Omega 3 is known to battle inflammation!

Your risk for dry eyes can be significantly lowered by taking omega 3 supplements (especially if you don’t eat fish, wich you should not too often anyways, because of mercury levels).

Just one more reason to take your fish oil!  Check out the Better  Vision Website For Solutions To Dry Eyes And Much More!

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