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No Contact Solution? Don’t Substitute These!

According to Dr. Oz, The Good Life

What can you do when…

Have you been in a situation where you have to remove you contact lens for some reason,  contactlenses_wkibut have NO solution to rinse, moisten to put back in.  And, have you, like many others, ever used your own saliva, and lick your contacts instead?

BUT, you are at risk for inflammation, or infection from the bacteria in your saliva.  Don’t do it! A contact lens will seal in the moisture, and the bacteria will be right against your cornea. And, tap water is not any better!  It also contains chemicals and lots of bacteria.

The best solution in  that situation is:  Always carry one of those little bottles of contact lens safe eye drops.  They come in a little bottle and are easy to carry around…

remedy against tired eyes

One eye doctor says, if you don’t have any way to moisten/rinse you contacts, you are best to throw out.

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