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Some Eyesight, Vision Tips For Your New Years Resolutions!

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Our eyesight is a very important part of us, and it is what connects us to our surroundings, to the world. I know some people who are losing their sight due to Macular Degeneration. It is NOT an easy situation. So, this new year, why NOT incorporate our eyesight into our health and self improvement plans.

Better Vision For This Year

In January most of us reflect on the new year, and also what we will do to improve our health and well being. Why not include our eyesight in to these plans.

Until we are under a threat to lose our eyesight, many of us take it for granted. We really do not think much about our sight until, God forbid, our doctor tells us we are in the process of losing our sight.

So this year, why NOT make our eyesight one of the priorities, and plan HOW we can look after our eye health.

Here are some tips of HOW you can look after your eyes and sight –

better visionExercise

Exercise, as we know it, is about losing weight,about building strength, and it is about increasing endurance. So in a nutshell, it is about controlling our own health, destiny and future. Its empowering. And yes, our eyes, like the rest of our body, do need exercise and looking after!


In today’s very busy world, learning how to RELAX our eyes is a very important task to learn. Our eyes are very sensitive to stress, and the environment.

Learn how to relax your eyes. Especially during a time when you will spend a lot of time in front of a screen, or monitor.


I do not think that most of us will attain a perfect, nutritious diet all the time. And even if we could, we are not even sure that, because of the environment, we are getting all the nutrients our eyes crave.


Even our emotions, our deeper inner self will affect our eyes. I play the organ, and the days I am stressed emotionally or mentally I have a harder time reading those small notes. On the days I feel great and confident, I have no problems, so yes. We also need to take care, reflect, and look after our inner self!

All the best in sight!

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