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My Mission For My Better Vision Blog: To Find For YOU The Best Vision Better VisionPrograms, The Very Necessary Nutritional Supplements For Your Eye Health.
I will strive to find you the most natural, alternative and up to date news for your natural eye care management. And, I will link you to safe and beneficial solutions that will allow you to improve your vision naturally and help you manage your eye health.

As The Program For Better Vision Says “Different eye problems require different solutions”

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Vision, Seeing, Eyesight... we enjoy “seeing” every moment of our life, and yet, we pay such little attention to the actual process of seeing.  Or of maintaining our vision/eyesight.

We take care of our bodies, we exercise certain body parts if we run into problems, we walk for health, hopefully we are aware of what we put into our mouth for good nutrition.  Yet, we so rarely have any regard of our eyesight, until one day, the doctor tells us that our vision could be in danger, that we are in the process of losing our vision. 

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There are actions we can take to help prevent certain eye diseases.  There are ways we can manage our vision, including protecting it from aging vision problems.  For instance, macular degeneration is one of the major causes of blindness in North America, and this mainly due to the “aging macular degeneration”.  There are certain specific eye vitamins, and eye exercises, and eye relaxations we can do to help preserve our precious eyesight!!

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Did you ever wonder how your eyes actually work, what allows them to actually see?  Well, here is a very simple explanation, just to show you how very complex our vision really is.

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Our Complicated Eyes: A Simple Way of Understanding How Vision Works
To look at an object, at a scenery is very easy.  To enjoy the beauty that surrounds us is very easy, and yet our eyesight is a very complicated system.

It takes many different aspects of our total visual system to see, to recognize and to process what we see.  Vision, an amazing gift to us is actually a complicated process that we often do not appreciate…  until the doctor states we may in fact be in a position to lose it.
So How Does Vision Work?

Vision is actually very much like a camera. There are many processes that take place before you get to see the picture. And, this all takes place at the speed of light.

Light plays a huge role in this process, and very basically, light will bounce off an object, and then bounce right back into our eyes.
Our corneas are transparent, and they process these rays; the cornea refracts (the turning or bending of any wave, such as a light or sound wave, when it passes from one medium into another)  rays through the pupils.  Ever notice how sometimes our pupils are very large and sometimes very small?  That is because it depends how much light is being processed by our cornea.

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improve vision, eye exercises, eye nutritionThese light rays will pass through the pupil, and through our eye lens. Our eye lenses are right behind our irises (those are the colored parts of our eyes).  The cornea and the eye lenses are both clear.
The lenses of our eyes focus all the light rays and sends them to our retinas which are way at the back of the eye.
Our retinas have millions of little nerve cells and it is a very thin layer of tissue. And in the middle of the retinas is where we find the macula (that is why when we have macular degeneration, it is our center vision that goes).
The macula will absorb extra ultraviolet and aslso blue lights and it serves like sunglasses and blocks the sun from doing damage to our retinas, this processes both colors and also details.

This all happens at the speed of light 🙂

Our corneas, and our pupils, and lenses, and our retinas full of millions cells in them, must all be in good working condition for our brains to see images.
And then, of course, you get into the brain that interprets it all.
This is just a very simple explanation of how the process of “seeing” is a very complex process.