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Some Eyesight, Vision Tips For Your New Years Resolutions!

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Our eyesight is a very important part of us, and it is what connects us to our surroundings, to the world. I know some people who are losing their sight due to Macular Degeneration. It is NOT an easy situation. So, this new year, why NOT incorporate our eyesight into our health and self improvement Continue Reading

We Know Your Eyes Will Get Healthier When You Take This Powerful Vision Formula

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There are 33 eye nutrients in this especially powerful formula that are needed for maintaining healthy eyes and to decrease your risk of serious eye disease, such as cataracts, age related macular degeneration and also glaucoma. Look here and see for yourself what EYEMAX-plus can do for you. Your Eyes Tell You They Are Craving Continue Reading

Do You Hate Your Reading Glasses? Want To Get Rid Of Them?

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The Cambridge Institute for Better Vision and Doctor R. Gottlieb, a leading doctor in natural vision improvement, got together and created a very powerful product. The name of this remarkable product is: “The Read Without Glasses Method“. This program will help you be able to get rid of those irritating, never can find when needed, Continue Reading

100% Scientifically Proven Way To PERFECT Your Vision

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Discover The WEIRD But 100% Scientifically Proven Way To PERFECT Your Vision to 20/20 In As Little As 2 Weeks… Here is one very powerful little “insider secret” that has long been suppressed by the eye care industry… => Do THIS to get 20/20 Vision <=  You’ll see it’s no “pipe dream”… You truly can Continue Reading

Can Your Astigmatism Be Managed Naturally? Improve Eyesight

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Improve Eyesight:  Are you suffering from Astigmatism?. Astigmatism is able to be improved naturally. Astigmatism is not rare, and many people have it. Astigmatism is when your oddly shaped cornea will cause the light entering into your eye to focus unevenly. You will notice a blurriness in your vision. There is one exciting fact, and Continue Reading

Eye Nutrition Does Play A Role In Macular Degeneration

Now that I am reaching middle age, I hear more and more about friends being diagnosed with Macular Degeneration… And, I have heard over and over again that Eye Nutrition does play a huge role in reducing risk of age related macular degeneration. You do have a certain amount of control, the pioneer nutritional ophthalmologist Continue Reading

FAQS: For The Reading Without Glasses Program!

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Can I Benefit From This Reading Without Glasses Program?  Who Can Benefit? Everybody who would like to have clear, close vision.  If you want to sharpen your reading without using glasses or surgery. Whether you are just starting to have “near” vision issues, or if you already have this problem. This program is a very Continue Reading

The Program for Better Vision Vision – It’s More Than Meets The Eye

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The problem with your vision is not in your eyes alone. It doesn’t matter if you have trouble seeing in the distance, have astigmatism, eye imbalances… Whatever your particular vision issues may be, my decades of experience have shown that you have to call on the full healing power of your mind, body and emotions Continue Reading

Holiday Sale ends in just 4 days! Everything For Your Eyes – HALF-PRICE

REMINDER:  HALF-PRICE For Limited Time Good Until Wednesday, Dec 11 The Better Vision store is still open for an incredible 50% savings on nearly everything I’ve ever created to help you – or your loved ones –  with your vision.. Any vision supplements or vision programs or audio lectures you want for your eyes… There’s Continue Reading

A Missing Piece For Your Natural Vision Improvement

This is going to sound strange, but, your vision problems may not be due only because of your eyes. This is even if you have trouble seeing distance, if you have astigmatism, or other eye imbalances… Whatever your vision issues are, you can call on the healing power: of your mind, your body and your Continue Reading