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Some Eyesight, Vision Tips For Your New Years Resolutions!

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Our eyesight is a very important part of us, and it is what connects us to our surroundings, to the world. I know some people who are losing their sight due to Macular Degeneration. It is NOT an easy situation. So, this new year, why NOT incorporate our eyesight into our health and self improvement Continue Reading

Learn To Read Without Glasses, Easy And Fun Method.

Read Without Glasses

The Read Without Glasses MethodTM Get ready and learn how to sharpen your close up eyesight/vision.  This method is developed  by doctors, and they have it working like magic, and, it is scientifically based! It is called the “Read Without Glasses Method” and it has taken 2 doctors; Dr. Ray Gottlieb and it is produced Continue Reading

Really, Your Eyes CAN Do This! Improve Eyesight. 3 Remember When,s…

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Most people,and that probably includes you too, believe that even though we can improve, strengthen many of our body parts, we can’t improve our eyesight. But, if you step up to the plate, do your research, then you will find that YES, you can improve your eyesight with eye exercises, eye nutrtion, and even lifestyle Continue Reading

You Can Have Better Vision

better vision

This Better Vision Program will help you to strengthen, and to improve your eyesight, your vision. Because we have many vision stresses (such as long computer / log Smart Phone usage), and yes, even life stresses, and also, because of the consistent stronger glasses and also our aging vision, we will experience blurriness in our Continue Reading

What Is Astigmatism? Can You Fix It?

We often take  our eyesight for granted.  Even though “seeing” is very easy.  Focusing (for most of us) comes totally natural.  And yet, seeing, vision is one of the most complex processes of our body. Not everyone has 20/20 vision, and yet, we still have the gift of sight. And, as we age, unfortunately, so Continue Reading

Going To Bed With Your Eyes-Beat Insomnia

An often asked question is, “My eyes are getting worse, and I am having trouble sleeping.  Is lack of sleep connected to bad vision?” Sleep is extremely necessary for both mental and physical health.  Preparing for sleep is a huge topic of discussion and writings.  One tip is that we need to start winding down Continue Reading

Eye Vitamins, Eye Nutrition For Better Vision

Omega 3 Fish Oil Fatty Acids: These are fats that are not only good, but essential for your health, and that includes your eye health! Our bodies are fine tuned “machines” and we need the good fats, such as Omega 3. Omega 3 fish oil is considered a medical miracle discovery.   The benefits of a Continue Reading

Computer Eye Syndrome? Improve Your Eyesight And Eye Health Now

How much time do you spend every day in front of a screen? Whether it’s a computer screen, TV, smartphone, iPad – you name it – they all have one thing in common: It means that your eyes have to be focused at a certain distance, a constant distance. Your eyes do move, very limited Continue Reading

Are your eyes sensitive to sunlight? Does Sun Bother Your Eyes?

Does the Sun Get To Your Eyes? Are your eyes sensitive to sunlight? Does it bother your eyes to be out in the sun? In contrast to what you, or most people believe, this sensitivity may not be because the sun is too bright, but it is likely because your eyes are starving for natural Continue Reading

Eye Problems And Different Solutions. Find A Solution For Your Eye Problem

I  want to share this with you, One size does not fit all – certainly not when it comes to eye problems. For example, the factors that go into making it hard to see in the distance are different than what happens to your eyes when you hit middle age and can’t read the newspaper Continue Reading

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