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Learn To Read Without Glasses, Easy And Fun Method.

Read Without Glasses

The Read Without Glasses MethodTM Get ready and learn how to sharpen your close up eyesight/vision.  This method is developed  by doctors, and they have it working like magic, and, it is scientifically based! It is called the “Read Without Glasses Method” and it has taken 2 doctors; Dr. Ray Gottlieb and it is produced Continue Reading

Eye Exercises Can Improve Eyesight Naturally

Are you hitting 40 or over any time soon ? If you are, you need to become aware that aging eyesight could bring eye problems;  some of these will be annoying, or aggravating, and some will be more serious and could cause blindness.  The most common of these is presbyopia, or, aging vision.  Are you Continue Reading

The Right Solution For YOUR Eyes

So, what’s your vision problem? Some people can’t see far away. Others have cataracts or Macular Degeneration. Others may have astigmatism, and/or other issues. The Cambridge Institute for Better Vision offers different solutions for all these problems – and more – but if your vision problem is that you’re losing your close up vision, read Continue Reading

Hard To Believe Magic Of The Read Without Glasses Program

  From, Martin Sussman First, I’ll tell you about the almost hard-to-believe magic of the Read Without Glasses Method, and then I’ll tell you about the 100-year-old science behind it… I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time I saw eye doctor Dr. Ray Gottlieb (the creator of the method) demonstrate it with a female Continue Reading